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[Living Desert Zoo and Gardens Logo]


47900 Portola Ave Palm Desert, CA (760) 346-5694

Hours of operation:

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Living Desert Zoo and Gardens Coupons, Savings and Zoo Description for 2024

The Living Desert's mission is desert conservation through preservation, education and appreciation.

The objectives of The Living Desert are: -to preserve a portion of the Colorado Desert in its natural state; -to foster, through interpretive exhibits, programs and publication, an awareness of, an and an appreciation for, the variety of plants and animals in worldwide ecosystems; -to build up under controlled conditions, populations of various species of desert animals and plants threatened with extinction in the wild state; -and to foster through cooperative research and educational programs, biological studies contributing to the protection of desert species in a wild state.

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Living Desert Zoo and Gardens Membership

Memberships support The Living Desert’s mission of desert conversation through preservation, education and appreciation by providing a reliable source of income that helps us give our animals and gardens the best possible care.

Individual: $79.95 Dual (2 adults): $99.95 Family (2 adults and 4 children): $129.95

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Map of Living Desert Zoo and Gardens

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